ATS focuses on designing and manufacturing top quality pneumatic and hydraulic equipment whilst providing services in the following areas: consultancy, solution design and maintenance of products. Our product range includes lifting and pulling equipment, beam clamps, beam trolleys, grinding and cutting equipment, pumps and fasteners. All the products adhere to stringent standards and certifications.

  • pneumatic roof bolt tensioner
  • pneumatic roof bolt tensioner 2
  • pneumatic roof bolt tensioner 3
  • pneumatic chain saw
  • pneumatic grinder
  • pneumatic rail saw1
  • pneumatic rock sampling tool
  • ATS 2000 0,25 to 20 ton Pneumatic Motorised Trolleys
  • ATS 2000 Indu Pneumatic Mono Rail Hoists 10 ton 75 ton
  • ATS 2000 Indu Pneumatic Ultra Low Monorail Hoist
  • ATS 2000 INDU Series Pneumatic Low Head Room Trolley Hoists
  • ATS 2000 Rigga M Mining Series Battery Bay Pneumatic Hoist
  • ATS 2000 Rigga M Mining Series Battery Bay Pneumatic Hoist2
  • ATS Rigga Mining M Series Pneumatic Hoist
  • ATS Rigga Series Pneumatic Winch
  • ATS P4 Vortex Pneumatic Submersible Pump Mk4
  • ATS Vortex P8 Tandem High Pressure Pump
  • Pneumatic Duplex Submersible Pump Booster Pump