Pneumatic Machines

Pumping, Lifting, Pulling and Fastening Pneumatic Equipment. ATS2000 designs are technologicaly advanced, efficient and cost effective for application in the mining, heavy engineering and general industries.

  • pneumatic roof bolt tensioner
  • pneumatic roof bolt tensioner 2
  • pneumatic roof bolt tensioner 3
  • pneumatic chain saw
  • pneumatic grinder
  • pneumatic rail saw1
  • pneumatic rock sampling tool
  • ATS 2000 0,25 to 20 ton Pneumatic Motorised Trolleys
  • ATS 2000 Indu Pneumatic Mono Rail Hoists 10 ton 75 ton
  • ATS 2000 Indu Pneumatic Ultra Low Monorail Hoist
  • ATS 2000 INDU Series Pneumatic Low Head Room Trolley Hoists
  • ATS 2000 Rigga M Mining Series Battery Bay Pneumatic Hoist
  • ATS 2000 Rigga M Mining Series Battery Bay Pneumatic Hoist2
  • ATS Rigga Mining M Series Pneumatic Hoist
  • ATS Rigga Series Pneumatic Winch
  • ATS P4 Vortex Pneumatic Submersible Pump Mk4
  • ATS Vortex P8 Tandem High Pressure Pump
  • Pneumatic Duplex Submersible Pump Booster Pump